Tuesday, December 28, 2010


If you're like me and love, love, love all the fantastic creations made by the Sillouette machines out there, then you're gonna go ga-ga for this! I want to win one of these so bad I can hardly stand it! There are so many cool things you can do with the Sillouette machine, and the limit is just your imagination. I want to create some of the cool new subway art that I've seen all over blog-land. And I'd also LOVE to try out the pretty drawings with the pen attachments and rhinestone kits. Sillouette is not like other vinyl cutting machines, you can hook this baby up to your computer and the options are ENDLESS! Since I have a bunch of graphics that I've drawn out, I'd love to see what they'd look like in vinyl or drawn form...talk about cool!

So get on over to some of these sites and have yourself a ball entering!

BROWN PAPER PACKAGES blog is having an awesome drawing for a FREE...FREE...FREE Sillouette machine! YES! That's right! So go hop your hiney on over and enter for a chance to win right now!!!!

More chances can be found here:


and here:
Familyicious.com has so many other fantastic giveaways too...so be sure to check them ALL out!

Familylicious Reviews

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tattered and Loved

One of my good friends had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. I decided I wanted to make her something special...and not just buy her something. I sneakily (is that a word?), asked her what her favorite colors were...lol...yeah, I know, nothing like perking her curiosity. She told me and I went to work gathering items from my stash of fabrics. It's been a LOOONGGGG while since I made one of these quilts...I'm not gonna lie. I'm a LITTLE out of practice, but I think the outcome is beautiful and she loved it so that's all that matters. I had hoped it would be bigger (...I measured a wee bit wrong and ended up with a lap quilt instead), but it's something she really will cherish as her kids grow. I L-O-V-E how rag quilts look, and they are SOOOO easy to make (you don't even have to be a perfect sewing person). She was actually more surprised at the fact I had pics of her kids that she didn't think I had...lol...thank you Facebook! I was able to go in and grab some photos, edit, and enlarge them with my graphics program.

Here's what I ended up with...:)

I'm sure I'll find some linky parties to connect this post with, so be sure to visit and check out other cool creations by my bloggy friends...:)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Tour de JumbledCrafty

FINALLY...I have finished my decorating. Some people never finish, but I always have a stopping point. Now...this does NOT mean I won't see a cool idea on one of my bloggy friend's blogs, that I will HAVE to create immediately if not sooner...;) It just means I have emptied my boxes of "stuff" from the garage...heehee.
So I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things with all of you. (Cuz I know you can't live without knowing my favs...yeah, right...well, work with me here and PRETEND...;) )

Here's my new media shelf of course...I just finished it so I could decorate...not really, but sounds good. You'll see I have hung the kiddo's stockings beneath the TV (I don't have a mantle in this house...I'm so sad).


These three little raggety pandas I created about 4 years ago. They were SUPER duper easy to make and are too cute when grouped together.


This is my front entry table. The round boxes I painted several years ago and they double as ornament boxes when they are put away. I've "wrapped" them with a big candy cane striped ribbon. Next to them is something I created on the fly the other night...lol. If you remember, I had a nice big hurricane vase on that black base...well yeah...um...kids, and glass hurricane vases just don't mix. All the snowman heads were stuffed in that vase until my son broke it. Snowman heads EVERYWHERE! It was so disturbing! So I decided they should be stuffed in a nice safe basket with some green stuff...:) Now they look like they are "planted"...heehee. Still disturbing, but at least they are getting used.


Here are a few of my FAV OR ITE ornaments. They just make me smile when I see them.
My friend in Texas made me these "Santa's Drawers"...I may do a small tutorial on how to make them if anyone is interested. Wicked easy and too funny on the tree. I can't tell you how many giggles these have brought thru the years...:)


And of course, my Miracle on 34th Street ornament. My Mom bought me this a long time ago. We used to watch the movie every Christmas.


I also love the fabric iron on vintage image ornaments I made last year. So easy to do and they look so cool on the tree.



And lastly...is the TREE! Not as "sparkly" as it usually is, but with a puppy in the house, we had to forgo a lot of the ornaments on the bottom as well as the tinsel...but I still love it!


Hope you've enjoyed the tour of my holiday decor...:) If I add anything new, you'll be the first to know!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Lovely Second Life...

SOOOoooo...guess what I did this weekend??? You'll never guess! I FINISHED my dresser turned TV stand! WAAAHOOOOO!!!!!

I do have to say...while others may sing spray paint praises...I curse it with every breath. It ran (even when  I sprayed the "required" distance and method recommended on the can)...it didn't cover...it was basically a pain in my butt. With the sound of a can dropping into my trash can, I went out and purchased a lovely and EASY can of paint from my local ACE hardware store...:) Happily whistled my way thru the rest of my paint job and smiled at the results.

I sanded the CRAP out of this piece...let me tell you, I'm SOOOOOO happy I have a nice black and decker palm sander. It made the job super duper easy.

Here's what I started out with...nothing too fancy, just an old dresser purchased at a local thrift store (for too much probably but the size and bones of it were perfect for what I had in mind).


And THIS is my lovely...in all her second life glory! I'm SOOOO happy how it turned out. My wonderful man cut a few pieces to fit into the space that was the top drawer. And I purchased glass knobs for the remaining drawers. I originally was going to paint it dark red with a chocolate brown top and then antique the red, but then I changed my mind and thought I had enough red in the house with my two couches. I need to take pics in the morning with the daylight because there's too much glare with the flash, but I couldn't wait to post about it...*grin*. And please don't pay attention to the Xbox or cords...I'm working on a hide for those...:)





This was my first furniture redo...probably going to be a while before I do more...lol...it's too hard to get enough free time to do as much as I like to do on a project. Got this done because the man was working over time and I had a day to myself without running around the town with him and the kiddos.

So anywhooo...hope ya'll like it...I'm linking to these parties so be sure to go visit!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Shiny and Square...

I decided I HAD to make one of those cool ornament wreaths that are all the blogging rave. I put my own twist on it of course...:) I wanted something a little different than the standard round wreath. SOOOooooo...enter the foam core board...and the DOLLAR TREE! YUP! I did it again...:)

You know what's funny though? When I walked into the store, I was immediately asked by a young Mom of 3 little ones, if I was a crafter (don't know what would have given her that thought,...maybe because I was looking at stuff no one could POSSIBLY want on their tree...lol). She sheepishly asked me again "Are you a crafter?". I told her "yes...I craft a lot now." She said "Me too", and proceeded to show me her iPhone with a picture of...wait for it...an ornament wreath created by a fellow blogger that I visit on occasion!
OMG...we both started to laugh and she was there to get stuff for a wreath like I was...too funny! SEE!!! The blogging world is smaller than you would have first imagined...:)

Anyways,...I bought a few things ($10 worth). And made my way home to start my homemade wreath.

I took my pile of stuff:

* garland
* foam core board
* assorted ornaments (I used bells too)
* ribbon
* box cutter (I used the knife in my window tinting kit...shhhh...don't tell my man)

* LOTS of glue sticks & a glue gun

I measured out the size I wanted, cut out the middle and began wrapping my garland around the foam board. The amount of garlands will depend on the size of your wreath's base. Mine is approximately 18 inches x 18 inches.

After I had it completely wrapped (you'll have to glue a few spots so the board doesn't show thru. Hind sight being what it is,...if I hadn't been in such a hurry, I would have painted the board first. Or at least modge podged some \green tissue paper on it. It's your choice of course, mine turned out fine.

Then I just started adding ornaments and bells. Then I curled some ribbon randomly around the ornaments (LOTS of burns on these fingers ladies...OUCH!). Finally...I had THIS:

I absloutely L - O - V - E  it !!!!! Took this picture on the back of my laundry room door, but I've since put it on my front door. Looks FANTABULOUS!

So go on out there and make your own wreath. Don't be afraid to be adventurous with it. And maybe...just maybe...you'll meet a fellow blogger or blog reader...:)

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Put a Sock...AROUND it....

Okay, so has anyone besides me ever owned some really UGLY candles? Come on now...fess up! Well, I have a couple of U G L Y candles. Now don't get me wrong, when I first bought them they were perfect. I needed something to go on my side table next to my bed and you could hardly go wrong with a pair of Target clearance candles and holders. I think I spent a total of $8 for BOTH of them. That was almost 7 years ago!

So now they've faded and the holders get dusty easy, and if you knew how much I HATE dusting you'd know why they aren't completely perfectly clean...*grin*

These U G L Y candles are now sitting up on my wall shelf. And since it's getting to be Christmas, I decided they needed a little "sprucing" up. Enter...the Dollar Tree sock! Yes,...I said Dollar Tree! I love, love, LOVE the Dollar Tree! This was actually inspired by Just A Girl and her free Christmas Mantel. Go check out what SHE did to get a lovely and simple mantel.

So...I started out with THESE:



And ended up with...THESE...:)

Cool HUH? Well, I think so. I decided to keep them simple...since they are on the shelf up beside the Christmas tree. Now...go take yourself to the Dollar Tree and get yourself some socks...and...

...Put a sock AROUND it...:) OH, and be sure to check out my linky ups...:)

The DIY Show OffPhotobucket

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chic Click Carnival

Today I've decided to join the Chic Click Carnival. It's a great way to meet new peeps! So I'm hoping by the end of the day, I will have some awesome new "Chics" to call my peeps...:)

I'd like to introduce myself...I'm Dawn from Jumbled & Crafty! I'm just getting started with blogging, but I hope you will find some of my postings fun and informational. I have a few tutorials that you might be interested in. One of them is how to make your boring old plain store bought curtains POP with your own personality, all the while saving you CASH! So be sure to check them out...:) I'm just an ordinary Mom who likes to create things on the fly. My kids don't even ask me what I'm doing anymore. And my guy...well, he just keeps rolling his eyes and pleading for me to "stop filling up the garage with stuff"...lol.  NEVER!!! *evil grin*

Now for my favorite "peep" for the week! Drum roll please....
HANDY MAN, CRAFTY WOMAN! wooohooo! I just could NOT stop reading her
simple recipes for some YUMMY stuff! Like her

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
MMMMMM...MMMmmm... Me and chocolate...like this (picture me crossing my fingers...on BOTH hands!).
In addition, she happens to be a fellow New Englander...:) I just love all her posts with "Wicked" in it...heehee...for those of you who come from the south,...that means AWESOME...:)

Now, just want to let you know, his is not simply a link party, the purpose of the “Chic Click Carnival” is to introduce yourself and one fellow peep you found using the Visit Our Peeps widget. All submissions are competing to be the host of next Thursdays click carnival who will receive hundreds of new visitors.

This is How to Link Up
Please include the following in your post because you won't want your post to be removed:
  • A brief introduction of yourself, don’t forget to link to your favorite post.
  • Mention “My favorite peep of the week” you found using the Visit Our Peeps widget with a link to their blog and/or shop.
  • Visit Our Peeps widget inside the post for people to find their new peep. Here is the code:

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