Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School...the same, but different...

Well blog friends...if you're a Mom you've probably gone thru or are getting ready for the first day of school with you kiddos. Mine hit the halls of their school on Monday. It's a little different for them because I'm having to drive them to school and pick them up. THIS is because the owners of the house we were renting gave us 3 weeks to move since the house is getting forclosed right?
ANY whoo...we were fortunate enough to find a house that our friends own...and we're basically living in it rent free for now.'s small...very small...almost too small for 4 kids and 2 adults and 2 dogs. Granted...two of the kids are not with us all the time,  but the living space we will need to share is not one condusive to peaceful times. *Sigh*...oh's only's only's only temporary...if I say it enough does it make it better? Sort of. But not really :-/ I am having to drag my butt out of bed wake up early in the morning to drive my little darlings to school. My daughter is totally into school this year. She made the school dance team last year and is joyus to the point of annoying all around her...eeek! She is more than happy to get up, get dressed and be the "middle" rank in the school this year (7th grade). a totally different story. HE is ready to throw down and make war with school. He is in 6th and it's first year changing classes,...having a locker,...enduring the rank setting antics of the upper classmen,...and generally not being treated like a little kid. You'd think he'd like that right? Ummmm...NOPE!
Poor guy was just beside himself after the first day. Momma-dearest (that would be me)...forgot...*gasp* give him and his sister $5 to get them lockers for the year. Okay...welll...this school does not allow you to bring bookbags/backpacks into the classrooms. have to tote them around with you all day, and put them outside in the hall (for anyone to paw thru) during class time. He wasn't mad that he had to do that...he was seething that he had to tote the bag around with him all day and...I quote..."look like a 6th grade dork" ARE a 6th grade dork baby boy...face it...embrace it...and move on.

So I gave them the money the next day thinking all would be well...WRONG. He comes out of his friend's house (he rides the bus home to a friend's house since I don't get home until 2 hours after they get out of school), with a scowl and PLOPS down into the car seat...slamming the door behind him.  OoooooKay...this is how the conversation went:

Me: "how was school today"

(keep in mind he's not looking at me, and is scrunched down in the front seat of the car)

Me: "why? what's wrong" (might as well cut to the point right?)

Cam: "I couldn't get my stinkin' locker open, and I didn't have time to mess with it, so I had to tote my bag around, and the 7th graders on the bus kept telling me to move when I was already pretty much in the back of the bus, I'm really, really tired...and..."
(silence followed this)

Next thing I look over and he's got tears rolling down his cheeks and he's literally sobbing in the front seat of the car. Bless his little heart...he just was overwhelmed with frustrations. I didnt' know what to do because his tears were just breaking my heart.
I tried to reassure him that it would take a few days for him to get acclimated to the new routine as well as learn how to open his locker. After that, he will be fine and dandy. Everything takes a little adjustment time. He wasn't convinced but he did lean over and lay on my shoulder the rest of the way home and I gave him extra snuggle time.

The man also had a talk with him about standing up for himself (without running his mouth to the point he will get himself in trouble), and how to answer the big guys when they are trying to assert their male That's what I call it. ALLLLL boys do it and 7th grade is about when they start. It's like dogs learning to lift their leg and pee on trees. Boys are basically like each other. Especially if there are girls within the vicinity of their antics.

SOOOoooo...that's been my two days so far. Hopefully today yeilds some better spirits. How are all you fellow Moms doing with the start of the new school year? What do you do to help your kids get over a change "hump". I'll leave you with a parting shot. The man decided the kiddos needed a night we took them to their favorite mexican restaurant for some grub. I even got them to smile :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sorry So Lame...

Just wanted to post to let you guys know...I'm still here...just not posting. *sigh*. LOTS of stuff going on. I do have a few redos that I will share...VERY soon!

*hee that teaser*

PLEASE come back in a few days. Hopefully if we don't get blown away by Irene...I will get stuff done this weekend and post it up for all to marvel;)

In the meantime...

Have a GREAT week!!!