Thursday, October 28, 2010

Drab to..Drapes!

I moved into our new house at the end of July. During this time, my master bedroom has been in shambles...and when I say shambles I mean..."how can anyone even begin to sleep in this room" type stuff. *sigh*...well, what can I say, I have just put the entire room on the back burner. Well, last night I decided that I was going to at LEAST get my curtains looking a little less...drab and trashy...:)
So I armed myself with some various styles of ribbon, heat bond tape, and prepared my dining room table to be used as an ironing board (wha??? You mean to tell me you've never used your dining room table as a place to iron..well...let me tell you, it's awesome! The space I tell ya..the space!).

Now, to give you an idea about these drapes, I purchased them in my other house to just "keep the neighbors from seeing in", because the entire back of my other house where my bedroom was located, was as dark as a cave. I had two little windows, and the sun never shined because of the location of my neighbor's trees. They cost me exactly $5 a panel...yes..I said $5! But wait, they were the ugliest brown panels ever known to man. I purchased them to match with the quilt I bought which was BE-A-UT-I- FUL, but also very busy so I wanted something plainer to keep the room from getting too MUCH pattern in it. Of course now since I've been blogging, I've learned so much about matching patterns. Anyways, so these curtains are brown...plain brown...some sort of polyester loose weaved type. But they did the job and that's all I wanted.
After moving into my new house, I realized they were VERY boring and I just couldn't take it anymore. So...after finding some lovely ribbon of various colors, patterns and textures, they are finally something to be proud of. OH...did I mention that I FINALLY put them up on a curtain rod??? YUPPERS! They are no longer TACKED up to my wall! I still have some things to do to the windows (I'm currently trying to come up with some fabric to create some wonderful fabric blinds that I found a pattern online for...very easy, but I'm still trying to get the fabric together for them). But at least my curtains are done for now...I may add to them later (I get inspired when I see some curtains on blogs around blogland).

SO...without further's my NEW (to me)...master bedroom curtains...and yes, the dog kennel is now gone as well...UGH...told you it was yucky...

You can see the corner of my bed here and the fabric on my quilt. I just
L O V E it, but it's very hard to decorate around. I have a few ideas though...keep visiting and you'll see some big changes. OH...those two box things are actually storage boxes that I found on clearance at Walmart...$5 bucks baby! WOOOHOO! Wish I had got more. They will be recovered as well. And they are usually found at the end of my bed. 

If you'd like to do this project yourself, here's instructions on how I did it.

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