Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chic Click Carnival

Today I've decided to join the Chic Click Carnival. It's a great way to meet new peeps! So I'm hoping by the end of the day, I will have some awesome new "Chics" to call my peeps...:)

I'd like to introduce myself...I'm Dawn from Jumbled & Crafty! I'm just getting started with blogging, but I hope you will find some of my postings fun and informational. I have a few tutorials that you might be interested in. One of them is how to make your boring old plain store bought curtains POP with your own personality, all the while saving you CASH! So be sure to check them out...:) I'm just an ordinary Mom who likes to create things on the fly. My kids don't even ask me what I'm doing anymore. And my guy...well, he just keeps rolling his eyes and pleading for me to "stop filling up the garage with stuff"  NEVER!!! *evil grin*

Now for my favorite "peep" for the week! Drum roll please....
HANDY MAN, CRAFTY WOMAN! wooohooo! I just could NOT stop reading her
simple recipes for some YUMMY stuff! Like her

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
MMMMMM...MMMmmm... Me and this (picture me crossing my fingers...on BOTH hands!).
In addition, she happens to be a fellow New Englander...:) I just love all her posts with "Wicked" in it...heehee...for those of you who come from the south,...that means AWESOME...:)

Now, just want to let you know, his is not simply a link party, the purpose of the “Chic Click Carnival” is to introduce yourself and one fellow peep you found using the Visit Our Peeps widget. All submissions are competing to be the host of next Thursdays click carnival who will receive hundreds of new visitors.

This is How to Link Up
Please include the following in your post because you won't want your post to be removed:
  • A brief introduction of yourself, don’t forget to link to your favorite post.
  • Mention “My favorite peep of the week” you found using the Visit Our Peeps widget with a link to their blog and/or shop.
  • Visit Our Peeps widget inside the post for people to find their new peep. Here is the code:

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This Week’s Chic Chick Carnival Host
Tidy Mom
A mom obsessed with tidiness, whose passions are baking, creating, photography, and of course, family.
Hope you all will play and link up to our "Chic Click Carnival". Don't forget, you're also playing along for a chance to be next week's HOST!  

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