Monday, November 14, 2011


Okay bloggy's time. I've decided to join the ranks at I just get really frustrated with blogspot. It's slow and my others I've seen on reallyyyy slow. It scrolls slow, loads slow...etc. Drives me nuts.

SO...I figured why not keep the momentum of my house moving up and move my blog too!

You can check it out at:

I will keep this page up until all my followers have found me again.

Hopefully...very soon...I will be moving to my own domain name as well. Time to get serious on this thing and do something GREAT! :) See ya'll soon!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Okay, I totally feel like a failure. I initially had planned on doing the "31 days of" series. HOWEVER, as usual...Momma rarely makes time for herself. And since I've been swamped at work...there's been no blogging here either. I'm actually sneaking this post...shhhhhhh...

I want to apologize to all my bloggy friends. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has discovered her best laid plans are sometimes derailed by ordinary life.

Again friends...I'm sorry for the lack of "31 days".

At some point, I WILL do a few tutorials for those of you who would like some on simple things you can do with free graphics programs and some help with HTML for websites or blogs.

Until then...I've got to get back to work...BOSS is heading to my office...EEEK!!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

31 days of...

I decided to jump on the band wagon and the fun during the Nester's "31 days" during October starting on the 1st of October. I decided to join in for two reasons...I think it will be fun to share something that is one of my passions with all my bloggy friends. And it will force me to actually WRITE a post once a day. I have been totally slacking when it comes to this blog and it's time for me to step it up. So hopefully...31 days of posting will create a new habit...and therefore make me more of a dedicated blogger and all around cool my mind anyways...;)

I have decided my series will be about graphics and websites. I don't have any topic set in stone yet...and I'll probably just fly by the seat of my pants, but hey...that's how I roll...:)

So be sure to check all the great "31 days" series that will be linked together and have some fun getting to know some great bloggers and learning some fun new things...:)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Master Relaxation Spot

Well there's a bunch of fellow bloggers out there who have been doing mood boards for their master bedrooms. So in true blogging spirit I decided to follow suit and join the fun! :)

I WISH I could afford some of the beautiful items I saw...THAT would be a dream come true. Not saying I couldn't come up with some pretty good knock offs...I could definitely do that! And maybe I will...but until then...I will just enjoy the tranquility of my mood board...:)

I started by just going thru the mood board site and picking everything that I found to be fun, interesting, beautiful, or things that just gave me a feeling...of some kind. What I discovered is that for my bedroom...I like some things that are light and soft...and lots of texture. I also discovered I've got sort of a more masculine decorating eye. I like the more straight edged things...dark colors...with a touch of softness. I also enjoy solid pieces instead of more light or glass ones. There are touches of femininity of course...I AM a girl after all...but I think my Man would enjoy the space I've created equally as well.

So...without further's my board...:) You can also check out my entire Olioboard choices here.

I'm linking up to the party here:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brassy to Sassy...:)

Okay Bloggies...:) Today is the day that I FINALLY have a project to share! Woot! Woot!

~Come know you wanna' do it to...just once..."Woot!"...

Okay now that's out of our system...ON to the redo project.

I found a pair of lamps on CL, they were $35 for the pair. They were that lovely brass know the kind...and the Man thought they were ugly too...*sigh*...the Man has a LOT to learn now doesn't he ladies??? Yes sir! I told him..."I can paint them". To which he replied, "you can't paint brass". I said, "WATCH me!"...haahaa!!! (insert evil laugh here)

So yesterday while he was messing with a friend's motorcycle farings (painting and such), I decided I would break out the spray paint and create some new lamps for my livingroom.

Here's what I started with (please ignore the messy garage in the background):

I know it's not glamorous, but I loved the shape and the ones I have right now are ceramic...with circles cut into them...not exactly "stylish"...but I do have plans for them as involves rope. That's all I'm going to say.'s the first coat of paint. I usually HATE spray paint, but the Man works with it a lot and he's taught me a few things about the in's and out's of spray painting. So I feel a little better about it. THIN coats...thin...coats. Let dry for a little bit...and THIN coats of paint. I did sand it, or rather "scuffed" up the surface with my trusty 3M brillo type sandpaper. LOVE that stuff. Then I used one of the Man's tack cloths (which I HIGHLY recommend using gloves with...yuck...sticky all over my fingers), and took off all the dust and oils from my fingers. After doing that, I wrapped up the top with a shopping bag...recycle..reuse...and the same for the plug and cord, then moved it to my outside painting surface (the garbage can lid). Here's the little beauty after one coat of paint.

Remarkable huh? Yeah,...I was amazed too. I thought I had uploaded a picture of the paint I used, can sort of see it in the above picture. It's Rustoleum's hammered Silver. I love it. I also have the bronze color but I have dark wood end tables so I figured they would blend too much.

So here's the final product. I'm not in love with the shade...*sigh*. Got those for a STEAL from the local thrift store...$6 for TWO...yeah baby! But they had ugly vinyl "princess" fabric around the outside of the shades...yucko. So I pulled off the fabric, and used it as a template for some muslin. Then I added the jute ribbon to the bottom and top. Now I see the shade is a TAD too small for the lamp. Oh well...I will find something that will work.

So...let's break it down.

2 lamps- $35
spray paint -free (already had it)
shades - $6

Total - $41 for TWO lamps...SQUEEEAALL!

So happy. Now...gotta  find some rope for those other lamps...(insert evil laugh here) ;)

Fancy This

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School...the same, but different...

Well blog friends...if you're a Mom you've probably gone thru or are getting ready for the first day of school with you kiddos. Mine hit the halls of their school on Monday. It's a little different for them because I'm having to drive them to school and pick them up. THIS is because the owners of the house we were renting gave us 3 weeks to move since the house is getting forclosed right?
ANY whoo...we were fortunate enough to find a house that our friends own...and we're basically living in it rent free for now.'s small...very small...almost too small for 4 kids and 2 adults and 2 dogs. Granted...two of the kids are not with us all the time,  but the living space we will need to share is not one condusive to peaceful times. *Sigh*...oh's only's only's only temporary...if I say it enough does it make it better? Sort of. But not really :-/ I am having to drag my butt out of bed wake up early in the morning to drive my little darlings to school. My daughter is totally into school this year. She made the school dance team last year and is joyus to the point of annoying all around her...eeek! She is more than happy to get up, get dressed and be the "middle" rank in the school this year (7th grade). a totally different story. HE is ready to throw down and make war with school. He is in 6th and it's first year changing classes,...having a locker,...enduring the rank setting antics of the upper classmen,...and generally not being treated like a little kid. You'd think he'd like that right? Ummmm...NOPE!
Poor guy was just beside himself after the first day. Momma-dearest (that would be me)...forgot...*gasp* give him and his sister $5 to get them lockers for the year. Okay...welll...this school does not allow you to bring bookbags/backpacks into the classrooms. have to tote them around with you all day, and put them outside in the hall (for anyone to paw thru) during class time. He wasn't mad that he had to do that...he was seething that he had to tote the bag around with him all day and...I quote..."look like a 6th grade dork" ARE a 6th grade dork baby boy...face it...embrace it...and move on.

So I gave them the money the next day thinking all would be well...WRONG. He comes out of his friend's house (he rides the bus home to a friend's house since I don't get home until 2 hours after they get out of school), with a scowl and PLOPS down into the car seat...slamming the door behind him.  OoooooKay...this is how the conversation went:

Me: "how was school today"

(keep in mind he's not looking at me, and is scrunched down in the front seat of the car)

Me: "why? what's wrong" (might as well cut to the point right?)

Cam: "I couldn't get my stinkin' locker open, and I didn't have time to mess with it, so I had to tote my bag around, and the 7th graders on the bus kept telling me to move when I was already pretty much in the back of the bus, I'm really, really tired...and..."
(silence followed this)

Next thing I look over and he's got tears rolling down his cheeks and he's literally sobbing in the front seat of the car. Bless his little heart...he just was overwhelmed with frustrations. I didnt' know what to do because his tears were just breaking my heart.
I tried to reassure him that it would take a few days for him to get acclimated to the new routine as well as learn how to open his locker. After that, he will be fine and dandy. Everything takes a little adjustment time. He wasn't convinced but he did lean over and lay on my shoulder the rest of the way home and I gave him extra snuggle time.

The man also had a talk with him about standing up for himself (without running his mouth to the point he will get himself in trouble), and how to answer the big guys when they are trying to assert their male That's what I call it. ALLLLL boys do it and 7th grade is about when they start. It's like dogs learning to lift their leg and pee on trees. Boys are basically like each other. Especially if there are girls within the vicinity of their antics.

SOOOoooo...that's been my two days so far. Hopefully today yeilds some better spirits. How are all you fellow Moms doing with the start of the new school year? What do you do to help your kids get over a change "hump". I'll leave you with a parting shot. The man decided the kiddos needed a night we took them to their favorite mexican restaurant for some grub. I even got them to smile :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sorry So Lame...

Just wanted to post to let you guys know...I'm still here...just not posting. *sigh*. LOTS of stuff going on. I do have a few redos that I will share...VERY soon!

*hee that teaser*

PLEASE come back in a few days. Hopefully if we don't get blown away by Irene...I will get stuff done this weekend and post it up for all to marvel;)

In the meantime...

Have a GREAT week!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This is a Nutshell...:)

Welcome to my blog-world...where things are kind of crazy sometimes. Today I'm participating in a "getting to know you" link party over at Sassy Sites. I decided to use her questions just  to make it easier on me today. Things are a little chaotic in my world...(post to follow). ya go...this is a "nut" shell...heehee...

Sassy Sites: Why did you decide to start blogging?
Me: I decided to start blogging because I found that I needed an outlet for my crafting and creative tendencies. And since I don't have anyone here at home that appreciates my thought I'd plague fellow bloggers...;) No..really...that's why.
Sassy Sites: When you aren't blogging, what are you doing?

Me: When I'm not blogging, you can usually find me hanging out at home, or puttering around in the garage with my man doing stuff like car repairs,...or hanging out with my kids, or just being a couch That is, when I'm not at work or driving 45 minutes back and forth to said work
Sassy Sites: What is your blog about
Me: My blog is mostly about my creative stuff. Painting, graphics, webdesign and anything else I can find to get into. I'm a very restless person, I get bored easily and I usually have about 4 projects going on at once. ADD at it' finest!

Sassy Sites: When do you find the time to blog?
Me: Hee hee...this one is a funny WORK! I am soooo bad...told you I get bored easily! Thankfully, I work at a computer software company so playing on the computer is allowed...even encouraged!
Sassy Sites: Why do you love blogging?
Me: I love blogging because it gives me someone to bounce ideas at...and get feedback for things. My kids don't always have an idea about what looks my man could care less as long as his laundry is clean...;)

Sassy Sites: What is your favorite post so far that you've written?
Me: My favorite's a hard one. I think my favorite has to be my "drab to drapes" post. I had so much fun doing the project, and tutorial. I just hope that it inspired someone else to take a whirl at a simple but dramatic project in their home.

Websites...go ahead..

YUP! Call me crazy...I've gone off the deep end, hit my head and didn't wake up, scrambled my brain in the heat,...whatever you want to call it...I'm THERE!

I have once again decided to venture into the wonderful world of website design...:) I had been there a few years ago, and then took a hiatus so that I could finish school. I love, love, love designing websites and especially for those who can't afford ones that supposedly are out of their financial reach. Yes...I am a sob story's dream...and I am more than willing to do whatever I can for whoever I can to get them and their business on the World Wide Web...FOR CHEAP!

So...if you'd like to check out some of my past builds...there is a link to some screen captures on my graphics page. Just click that little button lableled "Graphics" and have a peek...;)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Turqouise Dream

This transformation unfortunately does NOT come with a before least not until I FIND the picture I took of it 12 years ago when it was my daughters dresser. Prior to that, it belonged to my ex father in law when he was a boy. I painted some flowers and bows on the drawers, gave it a fresh coat of poly and a changing pad...:)

Now it's got a new life with some pulls I recylcled off of a pair of nightstands, a fresh coat of paint, and a fun beachy feel! It's become the guest room dresser. I LOVE how it turned out, though the turquoise drawers were an after thought. Originally I painted it all white and antiqued it...FAIL...didn't like the look ant it was just too "ho hum". So I went to Lowes and purchased a sample can of some fun turquoise paint that I LOVE...and you WILL be seeing more of the color on some other projects soon...:) A little bit of antiquing with glaze and brown paint...and some strategic sanding. I'm totally in L - O - V - E with it! ya go...hope you like it...:)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It's been a while since I posted, sorry about that. I have been around lurking on other sites though. I just haven't had the time to get any of my stuff done. Baseball season arrived and it is kickin my butt this year. I feel like I'm constantly driving...UGH!
ANYWAYS...enough of my whining. I do have a little bit of a treat for you...:) What does THIS...look like to you?

Ummm...yup! it's a chefboyardee box! See the junk I feed my kids! Well, in my defense, that's a nice cheap lunch...Sams club makes these babies $.68 cents a piece! WoooHooo!!! Okay, sorry, gettin off-track. you it might be JUST an empty box...however,...for a clever, and slightly frugal Mom such as magically transforms itself to...THIS!!! ---->

Ummmm,...ya...wiiith a little HELP from me of course...*cheezy grin* Take this box, a dollar tree gift bag, some modge podge and VOILA...instant Easter basket! This one and the one below are heading for my two stepkids in Georgia today. Since they won't be with us for Easter...I figured, the Easter bunny would just ship these to them! I spent a whopping $20 on candy and a toy (thank you Walmart clearance aisle) total on these baskets.
Glad I never throw away the boxes I get from all my Sam's Club bargains...:) I use them for EVERYTHING! Have a Happy Easter everyone and don't  forget the reason we are celebrating...:)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Sad Story About a Long Lost Hard Drive...

Just in case there wasn't enough things for me to do around here, I've added another. Well, actually it's nothing new, just something I've been away from for a few years.

In case ya'll didn't know, I create graphics...:) Just me and my lil ol' mouse. Most of them are primitive or country in nature, but I'm able to create just about any design.

HOWEVER, a few years ago, I was organizing some files on my super duper BIG computer and I put it in sleep mode to take my son to baseball. When I came was the blue screen of death...:( I couldn't get it to come up no matter what I did. I was DEVASTATED! ALL my children's photos from the time they were babies was on that hard drive! Not to mention about a dozen or so web design and graphics clients that I was still working on. ****ARRRGGGGggggHHH**...Dratted evil computer Gods!

I took it to school with me and asked one of my highly talented friends if they could do anything to retrieve my lost files from my dead computer. I was hoping it was only "a little bit dead"...(all you Princess Bride fans out there will catch that one) and not all the way dead. He gladly obliged and said no worries, it will be done before you're done with class today. Well, come to find out, what I THOUGHT was the hard drive was ACTUALLY my motherboard...YIKES! make a long story short, I left school that day and ended up not coming back...*another story for another time...* Thankfully, I kept the information for my friend in the tech support office and asked if by any chance (keep in mind this was now 2 years later), he still had my hard drive. If so, could he send it to me so I could get my NOW boss to help me get the files off the hard drive and into my external hard drive. As luck would have it...he did! So he sent it here to my office where I retrieved ALL my files...including graphics I had been working on or had finished and never released. SO...without further ado...:)'s a few of my newest/old graphics. Be sure to check out my graphics page too...the linky is to the right on my blog...:) Thanks and talk to you guys again soon!