Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It's been a while since I posted, sorry about that. I have been around lurking on other sites though. I just haven't had the time to get any of my stuff done. Baseball season arrived and it is kickin my butt this year. I feel like I'm constantly driving...UGH!
ANYWAYS...enough of my whining. I do have a little bit of a treat for you...:) What does THIS...look like to you?

Ummm...yup! it's a chefboyardee box! See the junk I feed my kids! Well, in my defense, that's a nice cheap lunch...Sams club makes these babies $.68 cents a piece! WoooHooo!!! Okay, sorry, gettin off-track. Well...to you it might be JUST an empty box...however,...for a clever, and slightly frugal Mom such as myself...it magically transforms itself to...THIS!!! ---->

Ummmm,...ya...wiiith a little HELP from me of course...*cheezy grin* Take this box, a dollar tree gift bag, some modge podge and VOILA...instant Easter basket! This one and the one below are heading for my two stepkids in Georgia today. Since they won't be with us for Easter...I figured, the Easter bunny would just ship these to them! I spent a whopping $20 on candy and a toy (thank you Walmart clearance aisle) total on these baskets.
Glad I never throw away the boxes I get from all my Sam's Club bargains...:) I use them for EVERYTHING! Have a Happy Easter everyone and don't  forget the reason we are celebrating...:)