Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Sad Story About a Long Lost Hard Drive...

Just in case there wasn't enough things for me to do around here, I've added another. Well, actually it's nothing new, just something I've been away from for a few years.

In case ya'll didn't know, I create graphics...:) Just me and my lil ol' mouse. Most of them are primitive or country in nature, but I'm able to create just about any design.

HOWEVER, a few years ago, I was organizing some files on my super duper BIG computer and I put it in sleep mode to take my son to baseball. When I came home...it was the blue screen of death...:( I couldn't get it to come up no matter what I did. I was DEVASTATED! ALL my children's photos from the time they were babies was on that hard drive! Not to mention about a dozen or so web design and graphics clients that I was still working on. ****ARRRGGGGggggHHH**...Dratted evil computer Gods!

I took it to school with me and asked one of my highly talented friends if they could do anything to retrieve my lost files from my dead computer. I was hoping it was only "a little bit dead"...(all you Princess Bride fans out there will catch that one) and not all the way dead. He gladly obliged and said no worries, it will be done before you're done with class today. Well, come to find out, what I THOUGHT was the hard drive was ACTUALLY my motherboard...YIKES!

SO...to make a long story short, I left school that day and ended up not coming back...*another story for another time...* Thankfully, I kept the information for my friend in the tech support office and asked if by any chance (keep in mind this was now 2 years later), he still had my hard drive. If so, could he send it to me so I could get my NOW boss to help me get the files off the hard drive and into my external hard drive. As luck would have it...he did! So he sent it here to my office where I retrieved ALL my files...including graphics I had been working on or had finished and never released. SO...without further ado...:)...here's a few of my newest/old graphics. Be sure to check out my graphics page too...the linky is to the right on my blog...:) Thanks and talk to you guys again soon!