How I Did It

Drab to Drapes Tutorial

I thought I'd post a little "How I did it"...tutorial for my drapes. It was actually pretty easy and NO sewing involved. Not saying I don't know HOW to sew, I just like to NOT sew if I don't have to. Plus, I'm sort of an instant gratification type girl...and sewing just takes too much time sometimes...:)

Okay,'s the supplies for doing your own drapes:
  • a set of drapes (duh)
  • various colored/styles of ribbon  (found mine in Walmart, think the whole kit & kaboodle cost me $6)
  • Heat Bond (found in sewing section of Walmart,...get the heavy duty stuff)
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • marking pencil (i happened to have a seam marking pencil but you could easily use chalk)
  • iron

Now lets get down to business...:)

Step 1.- Iron your's easier to measure and see where you want to place your ribbons if there's no wrinkles...:)

Step 2.- You'll want to measure where you want the edge of your ribbon to be. I measured 7 inch and put the marks all the way across. You don't have to be exact...I mean, they ARE drapes and they will be scrunched up a little so no one is going to see if you're off 1/8th of an inch. Don't get OCD on me now...;)

Step 3.- Lay your bonding tape down along the marks you just made on your drapes. I try to go just a little bit below the marks so my ribbon sits where I want it and the bonding tape doesn't stick out. Plus if you get the tape on your iron, it's a PAIN in the BUTT to get off. So try not to do that. Iron the tape down a little at a time as you go. It says to NOT use steam, but I'm not a rule or direction follower most of the time. I've also found that it doesn't really do anything other than stick down quicker...:) Once it's ironed down, let it cool slightly before you pull off the paper.
**Side note**: You can also use stich witchery if you prefer, just be sure to get the heavy duty stuff, then you won't have to worry about pulling the paper off...:)


Step 4.- Lay your ribbon on top of the line of bonding material and cut, leave about an inch at each end (you'll need it to curl the ribbon around the backside of the curtain so it has a finished look on the edges). And iron it down (again, steam or no steam...your choice). You might have to press a
little depending on the thickness of your ribbon. I had to press quite a bit. For now, don't worry about the edges.

Step 5.- Keep repeating the measuring and bonding process until you have your ribbons all placed and ironed down. I pretty much eyeballed after the initial placement of my first ribbon, but you are more than welcome to measure and get the distance perfect. Also, get creative,...I didn't think about it but mine would have been cool weaved thru each other where they met instead of just laying them down. Might do it for my son's curtians which are next...:) OH...don't be afraid to cut your bonding tape down to size. I have two sizes of tape, but the narrowest one wasn't skinny enough for my skinny polkadot ribbon, so I cut it down the center so it was thin enough and didn't stick out.

Step 6.- Here's where we take care of those ribbons on the edge. Cut a piece of bonding tape to fit on the backside of the curtain. Iron it down and then fold the ribbon over the edge and iron it down to the bonding surface. Voila! Nice and finished look!

Now just hang and enjoy your drapes! Your drapes go from


String of Lights Tutorial

I thought I'd show you an easy craft with strings of Christmas lights. These are pretty popular with the primitive decor crowd, but I love the look of them. And you can use them for pretty much any season of the year. Use them on red lights with combination of white, pink, and red fabric. During Halloween use orange or purple lights with fall colors. Or use cute children's fabric for a fun night light. The possibilities are endless!

SO...let's get to it!

First, you'll need a few supplies:

*1/2 yard of each color/pattern fabric (cotton works best, I use homespun)
*strand of lights (any length, just depends on what you want. I used a 20 count)

That's it!

The fabric will need to be cut (or ripped) into strips. I usually rip a whole line about 1 inch to 1 1/2 inch wide. Then I cut them into 5 to 6 inch lengths. If you make them too long they won't sit like they're suppose to, but if you do them too short, you won't be able to tie...and that makes very sore fingers...believe me!
I make piles of each color and then put them into an order that I like. That way, I can just grab from the next pile and don't have to think about which color/pattern comes next.

Start tieing! It's important to start as close to the light as possible. You want to use the light as a stop so the fabric will be tight and your string of lights will look full. I don't even tie a knot. There's no need. If you just loop it like you're tieing shoes, and pull really tight it will stay. I haven't had any come loose yet. It's the ripped fabric that holds it I think. So...just start with the color/pattern fabric you want. Make sure it's pretty evenly tied, although the variation in lengths adds to the fun look of the strand. Just keep tieing and push the fabric as close as you can to the one before.

As you keep going your strand will get fuller and fuller. Don't worry if it starts to twist, it will make the fabric move and you won't end up with a straight line of lights...cuz that looks boring...but if you have a serious case of OCD, it might be the look your'e going for...sorry...but it won't work...;)
While you're making the strand, you should give it a little shake every so often to allow the strand to twist and your fabric to fall naturally and fill out. Believe me, you'll see the difference and it will look good. Don't worry if you can't see the lights, that's the idea...;)

This is definitely something you can do during nap time, or while watching TV at night. Although, I do recommend that you do it in one spot, the little fabric strips will shed...and leave little "stringlets" all over.

Once you've reached the last light, it's up to you if you want to go all the way to the plug. I don't usually because I like to be able to hide the cord behind stuff...and if you've got fabric, you won't want to hide it...:)  Also I'm usually tired of tieing, I stop, it's the lazy in me. But it's TOTALLY up to you.

After you're all done, just be sure to give the entire thing a big shake. You might want to take it avoid the "stringlets" as I've mentioned before. Then...put it where ever you'd like! On a mantle, in a jar, around a clock, mirror...or anywhere! If you use battery operated lights, you can wrap around a wreath and use it for a door decoration! Like I said, the possibilities are ENDLESS!


So have some fun, tie some knots and hang some lights! It's almost time for Christmas!