Tuesday, December 28, 2010


If you're like me and love, love, love all the fantastic creations made by the Sillouette machines out there, then you're gonna go ga-ga for this! I want to win one of these so bad I can hardly stand it! There are so many cool things you can do with the Sillouette machine, and the limit is just your imagination. I want to create some of the cool new subway art that I've seen all over blog-land. And I'd also LOVE to try out the pretty drawings with the pen attachments and rhinestone kits. Sillouette is not like other vinyl cutting machines, you can hook this baby up to your computer and the options are ENDLESS! Since I have a bunch of graphics that I've drawn out, I'd love to see what they'd look like in vinyl or drawn form...talk about cool!

So get on over to some of these sites and have yourself a ball entering!

BROWN PAPER PACKAGES blog is having an awesome drawing for a FREE...FREE...FREE Sillouette machine! YES! That's right! So go hop your hiney on over and enter for a chance to win right now!!!!

More chances can be found here:


and here:
Familyicious.com has so many other fantastic giveaways too...so be sure to check them ALL out!

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