Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Put a Sock...AROUND it....

Okay, so has anyone besides me ever owned some really UGLY candles? Come on now...fess up! Well, I have a couple of U G L Y candles. Now don't get me wrong, when I first bought them they were perfect. I needed something to go on my side table next to my bed and you could hardly go wrong with a pair of Target clearance candles and holders. I think I spent a total of $8 for BOTH of them. That was almost 7 years ago!

So now they've faded and the holders get dusty easy, and if you knew how much I HATE dusting you'd know why they aren't completely perfectly clean...*grin*

These U G L Y candles are now sitting up on my wall shelf. And since it's getting to be Christmas, I decided they needed a little "sprucing" up. Enter...the Dollar Tree sock! Yes,...I said Dollar Tree! I love, love, LOVE the Dollar Tree! This was actually inspired by Just A Girl and her free Christmas Mantel. Go check out what SHE did to get a lovely and simple mantel.

So...I started out with THESE:



And ended up with...THESE...:)

Cool HUH? Well, I think so. I decided to keep them simple...since they are on the shelf up beside the Christmas tree. Now...go take yourself to the Dollar Tree and get yourself some socks...and...

...Put a sock AROUND it...:) OH, and be sure to check out my linky ups...:)

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  1. Those are cute, and the sox are so cheap at Michaels or JoAnne's. Are you worried about them catching fire??


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