Thursday, September 16, 2010


*Sigh* many possibilities and so little time. I went around my house this morning and decided I was in dire need of a REdo! While I totally love my house, it's just...well...BLAH. It doesn't scream "ME!". It just sort of whispers..."hi". Anyways, I've decided to take some pics of the things I'm going to change and hopefully in the next millenium, it will get done. Of course, any input from my peeps would be greatly appreciated. SO....first off is my LOVELY diningroom table. And yes...that IS a pile of crafting stuff behind it..SHHHHH...just pretend it isn't there, that's what I do...:)
AS you can's pretty beat up. What you don't know is that in the center of this lovely table extention! And said extention wasn't used much soooooo...yup, it's not the same color...ding, ding...give the lady a prize. The table is however, in GREAT shape. It's solid wood with solid wood chairs and I actually have six of them. Also, the chairs are pretty beat up too, as seen here:

NOT really sure where the scratches came from, one can only imagine in my house. I'm guessing it was a dog who was trying to get to whatever had been left by my children on the table. Go figure. Anyways, as you can see, the chairs are pretty sturdy and fairly decent style wise. Oh...did I mention when I purchased this table THIRTEEN years ago, that I paid a whopping $300 for it...:) YUP! See why I don't want to part with it? I mean WHERE can you get a solid wood table and SIX chairs these days for $300? Ummmm...NO WHERE!
So...putting on my thinking creative hat here and squishing my eyes together, and tapping my heels three times to see if it helps...heehee...crud, well, okay then, guess I'll have to roll my sleeves up and get messy. I'll post updated pics as time gooooeeesss by...:)

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  1. This has possibility written all over it. I know paint is all the rage right now but there's just a natural beauty to solid wood. What about a deep stain to match the color of your floor? This is definitely a J.O.B but oh so worth it in the end - especially when you're working with a nice, solid piece like this :) Can't wait to see the finished results!!!


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