Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Red Couch...Hcoucder...

I have come to the conclusion that I really like the colors red and turquoise together. I don't have any idea why, but when I see them together it makes me happy...:) Today I'm going to share with you my lovely and comfy red couches. Yes...I did say red. Not a lovely light and bright shade of red, but a creepy, blood spewing stab wound color red. I know, I ask "why would you want dark red couches". WELLLLLL...initially I was going for the beige ones, but alas, these looked so good in my minds eye of an Italian themed room. I have since decided I really like turqoise and red together and since I'm bound and determined to redo all my furniture anyways, why not start with the couches! Here's what I've got to work with. Please excuse the clutter...again, I have no where to put the overflow of crafting stuff so it ends up under, behind and on top of things...:) (if you click on the photos you can see them and my snarky remarks I've so cleverly added to them).

Here are a few fabrics I've been toying with: you see what I have to deal with. And YES, that lamp does have a mate...currently it's sitting on my desk. Once I get the new side table painted it will join it's brother in harmony next to the couch. I'm hoping once the side tables are painted...the lamp brothers are painted, the new pillows are covered, and I've changed the drapes, the room will be a little more happier. Grand plans I know, but keeping my expectations high so I don't chicken out...;P

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