Friday, September 23, 2011

Master Relaxation Spot

Well there's a bunch of fellow bloggers out there who have been doing mood boards for their master bedrooms. So in true blogging spirit I decided to follow suit and join the fun! :)

I WISH I could afford some of the beautiful items I saw...THAT would be a dream come true. Not saying I couldn't come up with some pretty good knock offs...I could definitely do that! And maybe I will...but until then...I will just enjoy the tranquility of my mood board...:)

I started by just going thru the mood board site and picking everything that I found to be fun, interesting, beautiful, or things that just gave me a feeling...of some kind. What I discovered is that for my bedroom...I like some things that are light and soft...and lots of texture. I also discovered I've got sort of a more masculine decorating eye. I like the more straight edged things...dark colors...with a touch of softness. I also enjoy solid pieces instead of more light or glass ones. There are touches of femininity of course...I AM a girl after all...but I think my Man would enjoy the space I've created equally as well.

So...without further's my board...:) You can also check out my entire Olioboard choices here.

I'm linking up to the party here:

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  1. Hi! Found you on the Mood Board link up. I love the peaceful blue and brown thing. That's what I've got going on in our current master bedroom. Wish I had space in my room for a nice blue chair like you have shown here! And I LOVE the chandelier!


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